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Qi Beauty is amazing!

Just after Thanksgiving in 2014 I was diagnosed by a medical doctor with a severe case of Ramsey Hunt Syndrome , and within a week I had developed Trigeminal Neuralgia.  I was into those two Syndromes in 2-3 weeks with little to no improvement.  The paralysis on my face was so severe it caused my face to slant.  I had no control and couldn’t even blink my eye.

After my first Qi Beauty treatment with Monique I saw a HUGE improvement on how my face sat.  My doctor was also very surprised and suggested to continue these treatments.

Qi Beauty is a procedure performed by a certified practitioner of which they use gold magnetic balls on the face (size of a barley kernel) and is placed with gel on the skin to awaken the body’s qi (energy) and collagen and nutrients in the sub dermal layer of the face to quicken healing…..also will fade wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, broken capillaries, scarring, etc.  No needles are used…

I had in total 5 treatments once a week and have continued to improve.  I believe without this treatment my recovery would have taken well over 6-8 months, but now after five weeks my face is almost back to normal.

I can now close my eye completely and almost have full movement of my mouth.  Ramsey Hunt’s best prognosis on a complete recovery is only 60%.


Dawn W.

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