Monique Ruchkall, Doctor of Acupuncture, Dip.TCM, R.Ac

Monique has obtained her education at ACATCM in Calgary and has been practicing since 2006. She currently works at Release Chiropractic and Wellness and has been the part of the team since 2010. Release Chiropractic is located at #4103 – 35 Mackenzie Way SW, Airdrie, AB. Phone number is 403-948-7800. She can be reached via email, click here to send an email.

Monique continues to treat many conditions such as headaches, migraines, women’s issues, musculoskeletal tightness and pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff (shoulder), bursitis, Sciatica to name a few as well as many more health concerns. Acupuncture treats many conditions as recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).  She can also treat many conditions using Abdominal Acupuncture (AA) which can treat many musculoskeletal problems as well as depression, anxiety, menstrual problems, and digestive problems.  AA can treat many by just using acupuncture on the abdomen to treat pain in the lower or upper body like neck pain, and headaches and knee and foot pain, as well as other conditions as noted above and many more.  Great first treatment for those who are anxious about needles, especially at the injured or painful site, AA can treat those areas via the abdomen.

She is excited to announce that she is now certified to treat clients with Qi Beauty. Qi Beauty International is an Australian company that spent ten years in clinical trials to develop anti-aging treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy. Qi Beauty is a technique that doesn’t use acupuncture needles. Qi Beauty will treat medical conditions such as Bell’s Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, TMJ, facial pain and edema as well as cosmetically such as fine lines, scarring, hyper pigmentation, lip and eye lift, and anti aging.  The specialty gold magnet facial technique provides instant and visible results. Check out their website at Book an appointment today….

Monique has also completed courses of The Balance Method Acupuncture and is continuing to deepen her knowledge and expertise of this method. The Balance Method was discovered by Dr. Richard Tan and taught by one of his students, Dr. Eileen Han.

As well she is studying and practicing Abdominal Acupuncture by Prof. Bo Zhi Yun who conceived it in 1972 and is now being used generally in China since 1991, it was taught  by David Shipsey who has learned it in China and has been practicing it since 2001.

Acupuncture can help treat anxiety and depression

Acupuncture can help treat anxiety and depression. We are open over the Christmas Season and able to treat acupuncture.
During these difficult times acupuncture can help ease the anxiety and depression many are experiencing.

Call us at 403-948-7800 and make an appointment today.

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Acupuncture open with Stage 2

Happy to be able to go back to work and to be able to finally help clients.

I will be available for appointments on June 22, 2020. Call the clinic at 403-948-7800 and book
your appointment.
Scheduling appointments will be different than before so book to hold your spot as their will be fewer spots each day than

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Hi everyone,

The clinic will be opening up soon, sometime in May 2020.

New rules we need to follow. Check out Release Chiropractic and Wellness facebook page.

Book your appointment to beat the rush. 403-948-7800.

See you soon.

Yours in health,
Monique Ruchkall Doctor of Acupuncture

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