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acupuncture helped decrease my pain

As someone who has had migraines and regular headaches all my life, I have found that living in Airdrie has been very challenging during the winter and spring for the last few years.

Finally, I got brave and decided it was enough and I needed help without having to take over the counter items.  Drugs were not helping me, only making me not able to function.  I made the decision to try acupuncture.  I had acupuncture with my local physiotherapist, but found they were limited as to what they can help.

WOW!  Is a good word to start with on how I feel about this treatment.

Monique explained to me what she can do, how it is done, and how it helps with my condition.  We started with a procedure that started to work within minutes.  I was feeling some relief very quickly.

Monique is still working with me and our goal is that next winter/spring I won’t have any headaches or at least slow them considerably so that I can still manage a full day without the pain from the stress and weather I have dealt with for so many years.

I am so glad to tell others about Monique and what she can do for anyone who is dealing with a condition that they would like someone to help them naturally.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is a form of help that does work and having someone like Monique to be the person providing it sure makes it work much better.

Bonnie R., Airdrie

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