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Sciatica gone!!!!!!

After many months of sciatica I decided to give acupuncture a try and after the 1st treatment I had relief right there on the table and for a few hours after.
My pain was a 10 out of a 10.
Monique suggested I come back for my next appointment the next day or the day after and I came back for my next appointment 2 days after.
After that treatment that pain subsided to 6 out of 10 and stayed pain free for 48 hours, upon my next treatment I was a 5 out of a 10 and instant relief
during the treatment. The pain went down to a 2 out of a 10 and after my next treatment it remained a 2. I will continue to go until the pain is completely
gone. Monique indicated it’s important to commit to frequent treatments and at least 2 to 3 times a week to get better quicker. After that she suggested to
come for maintenance treatments so that it will stay 100% pain free. She said it is better to be proactive then reactive once the sciatica flare. I am for being
proactive and not having to deal with that type of pain again.
Thank you Monique!
L. S.

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