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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Headaches and Migraines pain relief

headache painAcupuncture and headaches and migraines
Who has never had a headache?
Headaches are extremely common and challenging and are one of the most frequent reasons for patients to visit family doctors and affects all ages and sex.
Much research has been conducted and has concluded and recognized by the WHO that acupuncture is very effective in treating headaches.
Tension headaches, cluster headaches, organic headaches are all caused by different reasons of which acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can help.
With spring just around the corner people are prone to get more migraines due to the increase in wind. According to traditional Chinese medicine when the liver is out of balance it can aggravate it and cause migraines. The 3 evils of the Liver is alcohol, overthinking, and the wind, and spring time is also when the liver is most active.
According to traditional Chinese medicine causes may be due to internal organ balance, meridian blockages, external pathogens, qi, blood, dampness, and many other possibilities.
Treatment plans vary depending on the type of headaches and Chinese medicine diagnoses, and it is especially important for patients suffering from chronic headaches to adhere to the treatment plan. In some cases, maintenance sessions are needed, and Chinese herbal medicine is recommended in order to maintain the energy balance and prevent recurrence of headaches.
The liver benefits from sour, bitter foods. Eating salads with arugula and radicchio lettuce will help the liver stay in balance. Also dandelions are helpful, of course only organic, untreated with chemicals, you can also drink dandelion teas.
Give acupuncture a try, I have treated many clients with headaches/migraines successfully and they are happy to not be in anymore pain and discomfort.

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