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Frequent treatment 2 to 3 times a week is important for quick recovery

Upon your first visit of having acupuncture it’s important to receive treatments 2 to 3 times a week for 3 to 4 weeks.
After 6 to 8 treatments its good to evaluate how the condition is. It’s important not to let the pain return to the same level
when you 1st come in.
If the frequency, intensity, and duration of pain has all reduced then we can reduce the number of treatments to 1 a week for 2 weeks.
After it has all improved it’s important to maintain treatments once a month or once every 2 months, depending on the need of the patient.

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Low Back Pain relieved by 80% in one treatment

I treated a client today that was working on a fence and had hurt his back in the process,

and when he came in he couldn’t sit or lie down without a lot of pain and also had a hard

time bending forward.  After his treatment he indicated that his back pain was relieved by 80%.

I recommended having a few more treatments to help his back heal quicker to get 100% relief.

After just a few minutes of having the needles in he indicated that there was no pain while he was

lying down where he said that he couldn’t lie down at home like he was during the treatment.

He also didn’t take any medication to alleviate the pain but acupuncture did!

Give it a try, why suffer from your pain!

Dr. Monique

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Sciatica relieved!

I had a client come in today that I haven’t seen in five years and he had sciatica, after treating with acupuncture he had

relief and was happy when he left the clinic.  Balance Method Acupuncture relieves pain quickly!  Come in for your treatment

today!  Thank you, I appreciate all the testimonials from my clients.

Monique Ruchkall Doctor of Acupuncture

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Balance Method Acupuncture

Balance Method Acupuncture is acupuncture using distal points and is very effective with instant relief.

I have recently treated a male who had shoulder surgery 5 months ago and by using the BM acupuncture needles

were not put in the shoulder at all.  My client commented that he had more mobility and less pain in seconds.

He has had 3 treatments now and has no pain and more range of motion and commented it’s been the best since

he has had surgery.  BM acupuncture can treat any kind of pain, anywhere in the body.

Come for a treatment today.  Call 403-948-7800.


Dr. Monique

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Qi Beauty helped my Ramsay Hunt Syndrome!

I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome at the beginning of February 2015. Within the first week, I had booked my first session of Qi Beauty therapy thanks to having read Dawns testimonial online. After the first treatment, I could already feel the difference in my face. Especially my mouth. I could feel much more movement on the right side of my face immediately after the session. I have had in total two sessions so far. And feel almost completely back to myself. I think that having come in for this treatment within the first week increased my chances of regaining complete control of my face immensely, And not only did it help with the progress of my face, but the treatment itself is incredibly relaxing.

Jessica E.

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